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FileBox eXtender Change Log

2011.02.23 Version 2.01.00
Claudio Nicora,, fixed the following for Windows 7:

  • in Windows Explorer, selecting a preferred folder from FBX dropdown menu causes another instance of Explorer to start (correctly showing the selected folder)
  • "Click-switch file box folder" feature does not work

2009.05.27 Version 2.00.04

  • Removed "Do not use XP style buttons" option on "Settings" tab.
  • Added "When rolled up, keep the window bar on top" option to "Settings" tab.

2009.05.22 Version 2.00.03

  • Compatibility fixes for Windows Vista and Windows 7, particularly for 64-bit version.

2008.04.15 Version 2.00.02

  • Added an extra parameter to Exceptions - ability to move the buttons by extra N pixels to the left for individual programs.
  • Made it to work with Mozilla Firefox web browser.

2007.11.30 Version 2.00.01

  • This version is functionally the same as 1.91, but works also under Vista 32 bit operating system. 64 bit version coming...

2007.01.22 Version 1.91.05

  • Compatibility problem with Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 fixed

2006.10.18 Version 1.91.04

  • Some bug fixes
  • Option on "Keys & Menus" tab added to turn off using "My Recent Documents" folder contents for FbX Recent menu (using the old method instead).

2006.09.25 Version 1.91.03

  • Corrected the recent folders feature to read Windows "Recent documents" folder and also use the folders listed there.

2006.09.15 Version 1.91.02

  • Converted now to freeware, free to use by everyone. Supported only under Windows XP and older versions of Windows. We are unable to support it under Windows Vista and newer versions.

2006.03.06 Version 1.91.02

  • Fixed problem with not saving hot keys for opening Favorites and Recent menus
  • Information panel (visible by default in unregistered copy) about other Hyperionics products added.

2006.02.21 Version 1.91.01

  • Options to add "Always on top" and "Roll up" commands to a window system menu.
  • Added option to sort the "Recent" menu alphabetically
  • New, more logical layout of configuration tabs
  • Updated, hopefully more useful online help
  • "Switch Config" button added to Favorites tab to select a new configuration folder
  • -cf [folder] command line option to use a specific configuration folder
  • Updated to handle Visual Studio 2005 file boxes
  • Some small bug fixes

2005.12.06 Version 1.90.06

  • An issue with Directory Opus 8 "Click switch file box folder feature" corrected.

2005.06.03 Version 1.90.05

  • Work-around in FbX a bug in PowerDVD code, similar to the one described below for Photoshop CS2.

2005.05.01 Version 1.90.04

  • Work-around in FbX code to make Adobe Photoshop CS2 work correctly (a bug in Photoshop code made it crash when earlier versions of FbX were loaded).

2005.03.18 Version 1.90.03

  • Fixed a problem with Adobe FrameMaker "Paragraph Designer" dialog box.
  • Fixed a problem with MS Office 2002 and 2003 file boxes, when the focus was in "Save in:" box and FbX favorites or recent button was used.

2005.02.23 Version 1.90.02

  • Fixed handling of "Browse for Folder" dialog boxes, which before would not work right if FbX was running with some options enabled.

2005.02.03 Version 1.90.01

  • An extra option added to Settings tab to disable Windows XP style buttons, if with certain non-standard styles they don't look right.

2005.01.28 Version 1.90.00

  • Updated to display Windows XP style buttons when running on Windows XP or newer
  • Updated to handle WinRAR and to some extent also WinZip folder changes from favorites and recent buttons
  • Some internal changes should make FbX directory changes work in Windows file boxes even where previously Windows policy settings prevented it from working.

2004.12.01 Version 1.80.03

  • Small change to make FbX handle Directory Opus v.8 windows the same way as Windows Explorer.

2004.09.28 Version 1.80.02

  • Fix: clicking on "Favorites" button on Explorer windows caused flicker of address bar. Now it may occasionally flicker only once on any given window and then won't do it any more.
  • Fix: using FbX with show details view and sort the items in file boxes options turned on, then clicking another column for different sort and highlighting any item would re-set the sort order back to default.

2004.08.16 Version 1.80.01

  • New feature "Click-switch file box folder" allows changing of a File/Open or File/Save As box with a single click on opened folder window, or optionally to a current folder of any other program.
  • Correction to make Favorites and Recent buttons work with WordPerfect v.12 file boxes.

2004.02.12 Version 1.72.01

  • Minor update - will restore FbX icon in the system tray, if Explorer crashes and restarts.

2003.12.02 Version 1.72.00

  • Updated to correctly resize CorelDraw v. 11 file boxes.

2003.07.28 Version 1.71.00

  • Fixed for FbX button sometimes appearing incorrectly on windows without a standard title bar
  • Fixed for incorrect FbX buttons position if a window was moved to a monitor located to the left of the main desktop screen (on mulit-monitor systems)

2003.06.19 Version 1.70.02

  • Modified to resize file dialog boxes of MS Query Analyzer and similar programs.

2003.02.20 Version 1.70.00

  • Added "Sort columns by..." selections to the "Options" tab. If using the auto-switch to Details view option, these selections allow you to specify how to sort the files.

2002.12.05 Version 1.61.03

  • Updated to correctly handle Save As... dialog box in CorelDraw 10

2002.09.26 Version 1.61.01

  • Made FileBox eXtender compatible with Net Nanny 4. Previous versions would render Net Nanny internet filtering ineffective on Windows 9x/ME series.
  • Fixed a problem with "auto switch file boxes to details view" and "auto-size columns" - when both were selecting and one clicked "create new folder" icon, the folder was created with "New Folder" name and not in edit name mode.

2002.05.08 Version 1.60.01

  • Added an optional "roll-up" button for all top level windows. When clicked, removes the window from the screen, except for its title bar, to uncover what is underneath.

2001.11.21 Version 1.50.04

  • A small change in system hook to fix the problem with FbX folder buttons not appearing on some machines on Explorer folder windows.

2001.10.01 Version 1.50.03

  • Fixes a problem with FbX hot keys to access favorites and recent menus - they did not work correctly in ver. 1.50.00. Sorry!
  • Also changed "Explorer windows" to "Explorer folders" labels on "Buttons" tab to clear some confusion.

2001.10.01 Version 1.50 released

  • Added a "push pin" button to make any top level window "topmost", when the button is pushed-in. A topmost window will not be covered by other, regular windows, even if they are activated.
  • Reorganized configuration tabs to make them less crowded.
  • Added "auto-size columns" option for std. file boxes, which can be selected if you also select "auto-switch to Details view" option.

2001.07.31 Version 1.43 released

  • Updated to handle MS Office XP file boxes.

2001.06.13 Version 1.42 released

  • Added a option box to the "Settings" tab - to display folders in "explorer" mode, with a directory tree on the left. When this option is turned off, FileBX will now display folders in regular, Windows folder mode (without a directory tree) - an option requested by many users.

2001.03.09 Version 1.41 released

  • Fixed a delay in loading and displaying FileBX favorites menu on some machines.
  • Added "Exceptions" button to the "Settings" panel of FileBX configuration window, to allow defining a list of programs that should not be handled by FileBX, or that should be handled with some restrictions, like no resizing of file boxes in them.
  • Added an information about where FileBX configuration folder is located, to the "About FileBox eXtender"

2001.02.07 Version 1.4 released 

  • Added "Keys" tab to FileBox eXtender configuration window, where you may define hot keys which open Favorites or Recent menus. After opening the menu, you may use menu shortcut keys, for completely keyboard driven interface, instead of using the mouse. Useful for fast, touch typists like myself...
  • Upgraded "Target text or shortcut" format under "Item Properties" - where you may also enter there a path and name of a program to run, when that "favorite" item is clicked in the system tray menu or from the "favorites" button on an Explorer window. Now you may enclose program path and name into double quotes, and follow it by optional program parameters. For example, to have an item open Notepad program with C:\test.txt file opened, you may now type into "Target or shortcut" field:
            "C:\windows\notepad.exe" c:\test.txt
    In previous versions of FileBX this would do nothing, now it will run Notepad and tell it to open the file.

2000.09.19 Version 1.31 released
Updated to handle AutoCAD 2000 file boxes. No other changes.

2000.03.21 Version 1.30a released
I did it again... one condition wrong in the code, and FileBX would handle all the complex file boxes fine, but ignore the simplest, plain-vanilla file boxes without any extra buttons added to them by the parent programs... Fixed with this release, and I'm sorry about this! - Greg

2000.03.20 Version 1.30 released
Added access to the "Recent Folders" from FileBX icon in the system tray.
Fixed to correctly handle and resize Corel Draw 9 file boxes.
Modified file box resizing to move the file box window entirely into the desktop, if it partly "falls out".

2000.02.16 Version 1.24 released
Corrected resizing problems with some Ulead PhotoImpact, QuarkXPress and Apple's QuickTime file boxes. Also, the FbX buttons on QuarkXPress 4.1 boxes would not work, fixed.

2000.01.31 Version 1.23 released
Fixed a problem with FileBX disabling the Epson printer spooler on some Windows 9x systems.
Fixed some small problems with resizing certain Visual Basic windows.

2000.01.12 Version 1.22 released
Corrected a bug that would cause an unexpected program shutdown on some systems.

2000.01.10 Version 1.21
Corrected a few glitches discovered in file box resizing:
- file boxes would look incorrect if resized 104 - 116%
- some custom files boxes displayed by Visual Basic 6 would resize as well, incorrectly - disabled.
- avoiding (incorrect) resizing of "Browse for Folder" or MSIE "Add to Favorites" boxes.

2000.01.05 Version 1.20
This new release adds the ability to resize standard Windows file boxes up to 300% of their original size.

1999.12.20 Version 1.11 
Fixed to display "Add:" and "Remove:" menu items on Favorites menu, also when accessed from the
buttons Explorer folder windows.

1999.12.16 Version 1.10 
Added "Add: " or "Remove: " current folder to the Favorites menu, when displayed on file boxes.
The "friendly" names of favorite items now can also use the special file name characters like "*?:\/", forbidden in versions 1.0x.
Added "Auto switch file boxes to Detailed view" option.
Fixed the "Backup License" problem, did not work right on Win9x.

1999.11.15 Version 1.01 .
2 small fixes:
Keyboard shortcut letters on Favorites tab where the same for both "Hide" and "New Item" buttons (Alt-I), changed "New Item" to Alt-N
A shortcut for all files filter (*.*) could not be created, fixed.

1999.11.13 Version 1.00 released.

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