FileBox eXtender
Please note that FileBox eXtender is now a freeware - free to use by everyone under the GNU General Public License. The current version of FbX is 2.01.00, updated Feb. 23, 2011. For recent changes see the Change Log.

Please note: We no longer support the FileBox eXtender product. You may still download it from here, including the source code, should you like to fix or improve anything in this program. Please do not ask us for any support or improvements.

FileBox eXtender 32 bit build, English version (1.6 MB)

FileBox eXtender 64 bit build, English version (1.7 MB)
tested only Vista x64 release and on Windows 7, may work on other 64 bit versions of Windows.

Source code licensed under GNU General Public License:


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