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TTS+ Plugin for FBReader - Free!
Current version number: 3.7.2

You may download and install this plugin on your Android device from the link below or from Amazon App Store.

TTS+ Plugin is an enhanced Text-To-Speech plugin for FBReader for Android, the popular free eBook reader created by geometerplus. The plugin module created by Hyperionics and offered here has several enhancements over the original TTS Plugin created by FBReader author:

* Bluetooth play/pause and previous/next controls are handled correctly
* Plays in the background and Bluetooth controls are still handled, allowing you for example to use Navigation software on your phone while driving somewhere and listening to your book at the same time, and pausing/resuming playback as needed.
* Android 4.2 and higher - lock screen widget to pause/resume, next/previous sentence, view book title and progress. This widget can be also used on the home screen under older versions of Android.
* Read by sentences - the plugin pauses and resumes at individual sentences, instead of entire paragraphs. Upon resume, you don't have to listen from the beginning of a long paragraph again.
* Enhanced control panel to set book language, open system TTS Settings to change speech engine, control speech rate, pitch and volume, more...
* The control panel can be minimized to display only a row of small buttons at the bottom over the main FBReader screen, if you want to watch the text it reads at the same time.
* Sleep timer
* Can highlight individual sentences instead of full paragraphs, but this requires a small code change in the main FBReader code.
* Try also our new product, @Voice Aloud Reader!

If your device runs Android 4.2 or higher, you may enable TTS+ Plugin lock screen widget, to easily pause/resume book aloud reading without unlocking your phone:  

* press power button on your device to turn on the screen, but do not unlock it.
* swipe from the left edge of the screen. If you have several lock screen widgets enabled, swipe again until you see a big plus + sign. Press the +.
* find TTS+ Plugin widget and press it, it will appear on the lock screen.

After doing this, you may long-press the widget on the lock screen, and then you can either remove it, or move it to be the first you see when you press the power button etc. Please let me know how it works for you and if it is helpful.

TTS+ with control panel expanded
Additional options panel of TTS+ Plugin
 TTS+ with control panel hidden  

I hope you'll enjoy listening to your books with this enhanced plugin. I have more ideas for its improvement, and will gladly listen to your suggestions and comments as well - post them in our TTS+ Plugin Forum.

NOTE: Some user comments posted on our Play Store pages relate to the specific TTS Engine and voice they are using, to to this Plugin product, e.g. "can't pronounce contractions", "cannot stand this voice", "stops on ..." - in these cases please try another TTS Engine and voice (e.g. download from Play Store and select between IVONA, SVOX Classic, Acapella...)

Greg at Hyperionics

Change Log:

v. 3.7.2, March 29, 2016
* Compatibility fixes for Android 2.3 and 6
* Removing unnecessary permission

v 3.6.11, Aug. 28, 2015
* Added option to stop speech or not when headset disconnected
* Buttons in the bottom row have darker background (better for reading at night) 

v 3.6.9, July 19, 2015
* Bug fixes 

v 3.6.6, July 11, 2015
* Bug fixes 

v 3.6.5, June 28, 2015
* Changed TTS voice selector and Edit Speech screens to dark background, to match the FBReader theme
* Bug fixes

v 3.6.4, June 21, 2015
* Attempting to fix a crash on some devices, still need confirmation from users that experienced the crash with earlier versions 3.6.3 and 3.6.2, if it really works... It did work fine on all the devices and emulators I use for testing, so can't tell if my fix is correct.

v 3.6.2, June 12, 2015
* Added compatibility with the upcoming FBReader Premium product. 

v 3.5.9, Feb. 12, 2015
* Fix: was stopping reading aloud when some non-audio Bluetooth devices (like Fitbit) periodically connected and disconnected.

v 3.5.8, Jan. 20, 2015
* Small  bug fixes

v 3.5.7, Jan. 17, 2015
* Small correction in the "Keep screen on" code, apparently it's not working correctly on some devices.

v 3.5, June 27, 2014
* New setting to let the music playing in the background, if started before speech. Find it under "More" button, scroll the screen up.
* Speech replacements can now be sorted into a different order, imported or exported from/to SD card folders.
* Bug fixes and performance improvements.

v 3.4.8, May 1, 2014
* New option under "More..." to disable concurrent sentence processing. Try to use it if the speech stutters or skips words.
* A few small bug fixes

v 3.4.7
* Small fixes to Spanish pronounciation
* A few small bug fixes

v 3.4.5, Apr. 3, 2014
* Fix: would stop speaking on very long sentences (about 5000 or more characters)

 v 3.4.4, Apr. 2, 2014
* faster voice switching, changes to allow use Google TTS HQ voices.

v. 3.2, Jan. 8, 2014
* Android 4.2 and higher - lock screen widget to pause/resume, next/previous sentence, view book title and progress.

v. 3.1.0
* A small change to let TTS+ Plugin use speech replacements created in @Voice Aloud Reader - see under "More..." button.

Ver. 3.0.0, Jan. 1, 2014

* Android 3 and higher - "Edit speech" feature added on "Select Language or Voice". Lets you replace any words or expressions with other text to say. Includes case sensitive and insensitive options, and regular expressions for advanced users.
* Bug fixes and performance improvements

Ver. 2.3, Aug. 9, 2013

* For Android 4 (ICS) and higher, added a better lookup of TTS engines, languages and voices.
* Many bug fixes and performance improvements

Ver. 2.2.1, May. 11, 2013

* On Android 4 and above, you can now select a TTS Engine different from system default for the Plugin to use - click "More..." button, "TTS Settings"
* The playback control buttons have now labels that are spoken when using TalkBack.
* Added Bulgarian translation

 Ver. 2.1.1, Apr. 24, 2013

* Provided an option to use network speech synthesis also on cell networks.

Ver. 2.1.0, Apr. 23, 2013

* Added option to use network speech synthesis. Works under Android 4.1 JellyBean and newer, for now only with Google TTS engine. Works only if connected via WiFi, offering much better voice quality than local speech generation.
* Several bug fixes and performance improvements. 

Ver. 2.0.4, March 27, 2013

* Added option to keep screen on during reading
* Option to auto-start reading when Bluetooth headset connected - click "More..." settings button, then turn on "Start talking when headset connected"

Ver. 2.0.0, Feb. 12, 2013

Ver. 1.9.4, Feb. 7, 2013

Ver. 1.9.3, Jan. 29, 2013

Ver. 1.9.2, Jan. 22, 2013

Ver. 1.9.0, Jan. 7, 2013

Ver. 1.8.2

Ver. 1.8.1

Version 1.8.0

Version 1.7.7

Version 1.7.6

 Version 1.7.5

Version 1.7.4

Version 1.7.3

Version 1.7.2

Version 1.7.1

Version 1.6.1

Version 1.6.0

Version 1.5.9

Version 1.5.8

Version 1.5.7

Version 1.5.6

 Version 1.5.5

Version 1.5.4

Version 1.5.0 - 1.5.3 (2012.07.27)

Version 1.4.7 (2012.07.25)

Version 1.4.6 (2012.07.17)

Version 1.4.4 (2012.07.10)

Version 1.4.3 (2012.07.07)

Version 1.4.1 - 1.4.2

Version 1.4.0

Version 1.3.3 and 1.3.4

Version 1.3.2, released 6/15/2012

Version 1.3.1, released 6/15/2012

Version 1.3, released 6/14/2012

Version 1.2, released 6/12/2012

Versions 1.0.8 ... to ver. 1.1

Version 1.0.7 released 2012.06.06

Version 1.0.6 released 2012.06.05

Version 1.0.4 released 2012.06.01

Version 1.0.3 released 2012.05.28

Version 1.0.1 released 2012.05.26

Version 1.0 released 2012.05.24